Edmonton Canada, Motorcyclist On Trial For Speeding At 264 KPH

Originally Charged with Speeding And Then Charged With Dangerous Driving

An Edmonton court heard testimony yesterday from a veteran Edmonton traffic officer who testified about observing and catching on radar a motorcyclist going 264 kmh on the Anthony Henday and that it was the fastest speed he had ever seen on during his career. “It was incredibly fast, incredibly fast,” said Const. Doug Hinecker. “I have never ever in 20 years of doing traffic enforcement seen anything like this. I was actually very shocked for that time of day.”

2007KawasakiNinjaZX10R05The Accused Paul Bennett, 33 is charged with dangerous driving and listened as he heard Hinecker describe how said he was doing traffic enforcement on the Henday in his unmarked police car equipped with a dash-mounted Stalker DSR II radar gun at 3:30 p.m. on May 1. Officer Hinecker said he was going east on the Henday — which has a posted speed limit of 100 kmh — and first noticed the black 2011 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R when it went by him at normal speeds while behind a car in the next lane over.

Then the car changed lanes and the motorcycle “accelerated quickly,” said Hinecker, adding he activated his radar unit and began following the motorcycle.

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Minnesota USA – Officer Accused Of Profiling Latinos For Traffic Tickets

Officer says he aggressively enforces traffic laws and knows the people who break them.

Gaylord police are defending Officer Boon against ACLU claims of racial profiling, statistics show fifty-nine percent of tickets issued by Gaylord officer Eric Boon over the last year or so were issued to Latinos, who make up about 23 percent of the city’s population. The city’s other two full-time officers ticketed Latinos about 30 percent of the time.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, which compiled these statistics, argues that Boon is selectively enforcing the law against Latinos. They say he camps in front of the Michael’s Foods egg-processing plant and runs the license plates of Latinos who work there, among other tactics.

Officer Boon

Officer Boon

Boon, who has worked in Gaylord since 2003, says he aggressively enforces traffic laws and knows the people who break them.

“I know the houses of people who don’t have driver’s licenses,” he said.

And if Latinos tend to be the people without valid licenses, Boon said, that’s not his fault.

The police reviewed Boon’s conduct and, with one exception, found nothing to merit discipline. That exception happened last summer, when dashboard cameras recorded Boon telling a Latino man he could make his family’s life a “living hell.”

Boon was given a written reprimand for the incident earlier this year.The small-town police department is frustrated by allegations that it believes were long ago settled and borne from the grudges of a disgruntled few in Gaylord.

“We have a good relationship with the Hispanic community,” said Donald Lannoye, the city’s attorney.

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Photo Radar: Ontario Says No! Manitoba Says Show Me The Dough!

Winnipeg And Toronto, A Tale Of Two Greedy Police Services.

When it comes to these two cities, no one would dare compare themselves to the other, Winnipeggers think Torontonians feel the universe revolves around them and people in Toronto think Winnipeg is Uranus.

However one thing they do have in common is a police leadership along with a council who lack creative skills to come up with logical ways to raise capital other then increasing user fees, property taxes or installing photo ATM machines, or as they’re referred to by their owners as, Photo Enforcement Safety Devices.

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Winnipeg Canada: Missing School Zone Signs Help City Cash In On Speeding Tickets

Winnipeg intentionally removes warning signs from school zones so it can write more speeding tickets, claims one of Canada’s most militant traffic crusaders.


“It pains me to see people pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars in tickets when they’re in violation of nothing. It is the most egregious thing I’ve ever seen and I decided to stop it,” said Todd Dube, a local businessman who founded Wise Up Winnipeg with Larry Stefanuik, a disillusioned former traffic cop.


The group’s latest campaign warns of a possible “ticket bonanza” in unsigned school zones. Over two years, Wise Up Winnipeg researchers examined the city’s school zones and, in an 83-page report, noted 206 missing school zone signs — as well as 32 warning signs on streets that have no schools.


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Waterloo Ontario Canada: Redlight And Speed Cameras Increasing Collisions And Profit For City Council

Collisions and injuries soaring as drivers hit the brakes where politicians installed money-making red light cameras.


Waterloo Ontario’s The Record found collisions increased 31 per cent after regional council installed cameras at 16 intersections as a traffic safety measure. Injuries soared 51 per cent. Only four intersections saw injuries drop after cameras were activated.


Collisions at red light cameras are rising six times faster than collisions at other traffic signals. Injuries are rising 10 times faster.

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